"Let there be two koos in haiku" (Master Yuna Bachang)
Definition : a haiku is a poem of three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second one has seven and the third one has five. Haikus are a traditional form of art in Japan.

Example :

An old pond;
A frog jumps in --
the sound of water.

(written by Basho)

Poetic intervention

At LeS dOiGtS bLeUs we love to tease and tickle words. It is literaly a shame that people would turn a free and beautiful art (poetry) into something discriminatory and posh. If you don't know the classics, and if you don't like them, then you are considered stupid. People claim to be noble just because they can quote some old line that they do not even sincerely like. This is not sound.
Poetry is one of the primal arts. Poetry turns the tool of language into a magic wand. Whether your language is "pure" or "sophisticated" doesn't matter. You can make beautiful poetry using slang or even technical lingo. What matters is the inspiration. The love you put into it. Poetry, just like any other form of art comes from the heart and aims for the heart. Let's not forget about this.

Art is not some animal that you kill and stuff. Art is alive. Art is not meant to be put on a pedestal, art is meant to be part of everyone's life, its point is to enrich life by making it amazing, beautiful, thrilling, unbelievable, fulfilling.

Haikus are often seen as the highest form of written art. We have therefore decided to break a taboo and invite everyone to create Haikus. And not just plain Haikus, Kookoo Haikus ! Why ? Because !

How to kookoo your haikus

Things happen. The old pond mentioned above could become my new bike. A frog could become true love and the sound of water could turn out to be the loss of matter. Plus, some people who do not know anything about syllables might even want to shake the 5-7-5 model in order to make it more elastic. Etc... etc...
Here are some examples :

My new bike,
true love jumps in
the loss of matter


Kick my cake
Kettle my rattle
hi hi ha ha ho


Tangerines flying
Apostrophes are here
Sing thy song to daddy


Kookoo kook
cooks quite the cock :
a doodle doo


Minutes pass
And passage times
Eyes click the clock


Life is full
of empty feelings
and fillings, so what


Eating's nice
But not as fancy
As drinking nicely

Now that you've got some inspiration, it's your turn to create a haiku !
The best ones will be published online soon !

Your Haiku: