Frequently Asked Questions

When was the site created ?
The first version of this site was created in 1999 by Keyvan Sayar in Québec City. There have been more than ten susequent versions of this site. The one you are browsing right now was made in June 2005.

What is LeS dOiGtS bLeUs ?
LeS dOiGtS bLeUs is a non-profit society based in Sèvres, France. Our activities include artistic productions, events, solidarity projects, publications, website creation. To find out more about us, have a look at the society pages.

What does the site's name (LeS dOiGtS bLeUs) mean ?
"Les doigts bleus" means "blue fingers" in French. It's the title of a poem which Keyvan Sayar wrote in 1999. The gist is summed up in this sentence : "je toucherai le ciel et j'aurai les doigts bleus" (meaning "I will touch the sky and I will have blue fingers"). To us this sentence epitomizes the dreamy and pathetic condition of the artist.
S/he is the one who tries to touch the sky with his/her fingers. It is passionate and beautiful act, but it is also pathetic because it is impossible... or so it seems (is there not indeed a saying which goes "the fools did not know it was impossible, so they did it" ?).