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Come and visit Paris like you've never seen it before !

Mon Paris Tour is a program of monthly artistic afternoons in different parts of paris. The principle is simple : participants meet in a café. They are put in teams of 3; each team has a digital camera, a recorder, a notebook and a map of the neighbourhood. The teams go visit the neighbourhood by themselves for three hours.

They have to come back with :
- their favourite place in the neighbourhood
- their favourite thing
- their favourite person
- an urban legend about the neighbourhood
all these things can be photographed and / or drawn, recorded, described with words. . . And of course they don't have to be real, if the teams want they can invent a person, a thing, a place or a legend. At the end of the three hours, all the participants meet in the café again and share what they have found. All these images, sounds and stories will be shown on MonParis.org, an original guide to paris.

Every month on a Saturday (see dates here)


Event Cost
3 euros (to cover the cost of one drink)

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